About The Band

Superfine is a classic rock cover band that was formed in 2019 by 6 veteran musicians in the Charleston, SC area. We share a common vision: to play great music. Music of this caliber is difficult to perform, requiring many years of practice and mastery of his/her respective instruments.

You won't find 'mustang sally' or 'brown eyed girl' in our setlists. Our repertoire caters to the discriminating music lover who remembers days of yesteryear when songwriting was top notch and performed by world-class musicians. Back then music was something to be experienced and a show was truly a SHOW. We aim to bring that excitement back to the Charleston area.

Join us at an upcoming performance and see for yourself why we are SUPERfine!

    What others are saying...

  • "I see lots of bands and for me to say a band is great is rare. For me to say a band is phenomenal - NEVER - but you guys are phenomenal!"

    Greg Norton Professional Sound Engineer
  • "....the level of musical expertise with which they performed every song was indicative of long rehearsal hours and a lot of hard work."

    Stephen Vail Lowcountry.com Journalist
  • "....a band that has the ability to energize the crowd and make them want more. A high energy explosion of really good music."

    Eddie White Music Promoter & Manager, Awendaw Green
  • "You guys ROCK!"

    - A lady named Donna who heard us rehearsing (seriously, this happened!)