• "Through their music and stage presence they displayed a seamless blend of both vocals and instruments. While they may have appeared to be just having fun, the level of musical expertise with which they performed every song was indicative of long rehearsal hours and a lot of hard work."

    Stephen Vail Lowcountry.com Journalist
  • "....a band that has the ability to energize the crowd and make them want more. A high energy explosion of really good music."

    Eddie White Music Promoter & Manager, Awendaw Green
  • "You guys ROCK!"

    - A lady who heard us rehearsing (seriously, this happened!)

Upcoming Performances

Why choose us?


We are prompt, courteous and professional in all that we do. We take a lot of pride in what we do. We put a tremendous amount of effort into our craft to consistently exceed expectations.


We are a female-fronted band of seasoned musicians who take our love of classic rock very seriously. We have the talent and musicianship to perform songs other bands can't.


Let's face it, live music should be an engaging experience, not just ambient background noise. We strive to put on a show, not just 'play a gig' and encourage the audience to put down the phones and pick up that air guitar.